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  Water emergencies happen to anyone at any time. Specialized water rescue skills enable rescuers to stay afloat while helping others find solid ground. Learn the techniques to assisting various types of water casualties.

Lifesaving Training
Lifesaving programs teach swimmers how to prevent and recognize dangerous water emergencies. Participants learn to identify various types of distressed swimmers, how to safely help them with the use of both non-contact and contact rescue techniques and the steps to take to provide basic first aid to the patient(s) until more qualified help arrives. Lifesaving training is a minimal requirement for most camp counsellors and required to for the Lifeguard training program.

Two levels of training are available:

Bronze Medallion
Bronze Cross

Water Rescue


Lifeguard Training

Lifeguarding pools, beaches or water parks is a very rewarding employment opportunity for those that enjoy working with people and staying in shape. In Ontario the National Lifeguard Service is the minimal certification required to work as a lifeguard. It is also recommended that additional training include Standard First Aid, C.P.R., Defibrillation and Swim Instructor (Water safety / Lifesaving) to enhance employment opportunities.

National Lifeguard Service

Water Spinal


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