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  Being an instructor means helping others master basic first aid skills and creates a way to earn extra money on the side. First Aid Instructor training provides learning in basic instructional techniques, class management and course organization skills.

Instructor certification is available with the Canadian Red Cross and the Lifesaving Society at both basic and advanced levels. Both programs are recognized and accepted nationally, have approval of the WSIB for meeting the requirements of Bill 1101 and are built on the standards developed by the International Liason of Resusciatation Consortium. The core instructional skills and knowledge are the same in both programs. The differences come in philosophy and program offerings.

All leadership programs require co-teaching upon successful completion of the initial instructor course. These specific requirements depend on the course selected and will be explained further during the program.


Four Leadership courses are offered:

Canadian Red Cross Society (CRCS)
These programs are recognized internationally through the International Red Cross. Basic and advanced level instructor certifications are available to permit the instructor to train from PeopleSavers (youth first aid program) up to and including the Emergency Medical Responder program. The CRCS levels also include Wilderness First Aid Instructor programs.

Minimum age for CRCS Instructor Certification is 18yrs of age and cross-over from other agency's instructor / teaching certification is available. Successful completion of the instructor course requires completion of co-teaching with an experienced instructor before being able to certify participants without supervision.

Most CRCS First Aid Instructors will teach for the CRCS, Authorized Providers (AP) for the CRCS or may apply for their AP status.

Lifesaving Society (LS or LSSC)
Recognized across Canada LSSC First Aid instructors are certified to teach at both the basic and advanced level from the Basic First Aid (youth first aid program) up to and including Standard First Aid and all levels of CPR including Healthcare Provider Level.

Minimum age for the LSSC First Aid Instructor is 16yrs of age and cross-over from other agency's instructor / teaching certification is available. Successful completion of the instructor course enables successful participants to teach the programs on their own however an Examiner is required to certify candidate at the Emergency First Aid, Standard First Aid, CPR - Healthcare Provider and AED levels. Becoming an examiner simply requires being monitored by an experienced instructor of that level

Most LSSC First Aid Instructors will teach on their own, for community agencies or private companies. The LSSC does not offer any first aid courses however most aquatic facilities will run LSSC first aid programs.




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Revised: November 24, 2009

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