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Any individual who works, lives, or takes trips in isolated or wilderness areas or supervises employees in these areas, requires specialized training on techniques for extended care. Both courses cover material in Standard First Aid & CPR, plus special content on techniques for wilderness and remote areas and strategies for providing extended care.

Courses include the latest First Aid and CPR Guidelines. Meets federal and a variety of provincial/territorial regulations for Standard First Aid, exceeding competitors’ standards by including injury prevention.

  Wilderness First Aid

Wilderness medical protocols take into account that access to 911 may be delayed or even non-existent. In such environments rescuers are required to make tough decisions and go beyond basic first aid skills. Wilderness First Aid training provides those skills, abilities and protocols to help responders improve the survival chances for themselves, their fellow adventures and their patient.

Wilderness and Remote First Aid
Advanced Wilderness and Remote First Aid

  WFA Collar & Sling
  Ice Rescue

Falling through the ice can be a harrowing experience however it need not be fatal. Basic training can help in the prevention and speedy response to a break through. This training is ideal for anyone working, traveling or playing in, on or around the ice.

Basic Ice Rescue

Advanced Ice Rescue

  Ice Rescue Ice Specialist
  MNR Ice Rescuer

Teaching you to Improvise, adapt and overcome!

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